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to Make Home a Better Place to Live by Creating Positiveness.

to Make this World a Better Place to Live.

To Transform Millions of Lives By Designing, Producing, Selling Products & Concepts Based on Positive Statements, Positive Affirmations, Inspirational Quotations, Motivational Quotations, Energetic Designs, Aesthetic Designs, And Beautiful Designs.


QuoteSutra an Initiative of Harsh Shah Founder of Love Infinite Happiness LLP

Harsh Shah is a Certified and Licensed International Heal Your Life Teacher / Leader / Facilitator. He is also a Experienced Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yoga Practitioner . He has been Healing & Counseling since Last Seven Years & Instrumental in Transforming Many Lives. He is founder of many Companies, namely – Love Infinite, Quotesutra, Web4india, Strategix, PowerMailer. He is Passionate about Healing and Transforming life of others. His vision is to bring the Love, Peace, Harmony, Good Health & Happiness in the life of Millions of People.