Crazy Sale 666QC team at QuoteSutra is HIGHLY Customer Centric and believes in Ultimate Perfection.

The Less-Than-Perfect Products never make it to the Ready-for-Sale state! Don’t you think that as long as the product looks the Same, works just as Good, what’s a small dot or a minor scratch here and there? We thought the same!

That’s why we are having this Crazy Sale in order to give out the Less-Than-Perfect products with just tiny imperfections. We swear You’ll still defiantly Love them! Defect or no defect, dot or no dot, they are still crafted with love.

A tiny Note: Super huge discount comes at a tiny little cost of ‘No Replacement’. You may not even need the return either as you may even not find the defects in the first place without a huge magnifying glass!

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